Korean letters aren't displayed properly ingame

I've had this problem for a while but I found a "fix" pretty quick and it only mildy annoyes me. My default input is the Korean Microsoft IME keyboard which I dont have any problem with in other programms, hell even in the LoL client it works as it should. The problem starts as soon as I'm ingame. Even if I was using Roman letters, LoL switches to Korean. Not only that, they aren't even displayed properly and all I get is empty boxes similar to this □. Usally I notice pretty quick and mildy annoyed delete the "korean" right away and switch back. But often enough the next time I open chat again or I want to type something in the shop it has switched to "korean" again. My "fix" was to just use the UK keyboard as input when playing League but even I sometimes forget and those 4 seconds can be crucial sometimes. I remember a while back I didn't have that bug but it's returned it its full glory. Anybody know proper fix? Should I just reinstall LoL? (I think it has been the cause of other issues too) Thank you for your time~ edit: Korean keybords have both roman and korean letters which can be switched through pressing a button.
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