Game still in progress

So my brother is having this issue when match is about to start and go to loading screen it like cancels and it says 'Game Still in Progress' and he cant do anything about that he tried to restarting game, pc and everything after he login same message appears again, he doesn't have 'reconnect' button. Also that's not happening every time. he like plays couple of games and than after couple of games that pops up and than he waits for team to remake to start another game. He already got banned for leaver buster because of that twice hes now on 10 minute wait timer. is there a fix for that or atleast reason for that why is happening. Also i already saw post about this same issue like one week ago and nobody from stuff responded. That's why i wanted to open it again. Because clearly nobody is helping or giving some explanation why is that happening. I don't really care because its not happening to me but, my brother is really frustrated because of that hes losing lp/getting banned for literally no reason or no explanation. I would appreciate anyone who has some clue or fix for that bug. p.s sorry for my bad english its not my native language @Riot
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