Unknown directX error after snowmap update - leaverbuster

After the update I queued for a duo ranked game. Loading screen was black and It kept sending me an error of unknown directX bla bla. I tried everything, closing the client and restarting it, didnt work. Then I restarted my computer > same error. Drove me crazy. Now I have 5 leaverbuster penalty and ofc lost some LP. I searched on the net for a solution and they said I should remove a file from the lol folder named: game.cfg? So i did, this allowed me to finally go ingame but after 5 minutes, i got bugsplat. Before this update, I had an issue that got me high fps early game but slowly went down every minute untill i had 25 fps in teamfights mid-late game. ALOT of complaints on the boards about this as well. Can you for once, update lol and not f*ck it up? Compensation? Removing this unjustified penalty would be nice.
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