Losing Internet connection during match search/champion selection, gettting leavebuster unfairly.

I've noticed this issue both today and yesterday and it seems to be a reoccurring problem at the moment, in that it's cropped up every now and then across the last few recent patches. The problem is that I'm losing my internet connection either when searching for a game OR at the beginning of the champion select screen pre-game. If I'm searching for a game and it cuts out, I'm forced to exit the whole client and upon relogging I'm back on the role selection screen but unable to queue again until I close the lobby and start another. Additionally, when I do find a game sometimes it bugs out and despite clicking "Accept" it doesn't register and says I have declined or I failed to accept. (This is a frequent problem for myself and two other players I know, it's not just me.) Secondly, when I have found a game and I'm getting ready for the pick/ban phase, the brief countdown counter freezes at 0 and then my connection fails and I receive the message informing me "unable to connect to the game, please try again" (I can't remember the exact message but I presume many of you know what I mean) with the option to exit the lobby now. Because I am forced to do this every time I have to relog yet again and in todays instance I have received both a 5 minute and 15 minute wait time before being able to requeue. Many responses from Riot claim that this is ISP related but if that's the case why does my connection only drop specifically at these points? None of my other games that I play experience this problem and my ISP doesn't cause any issues with those titles so this must be some unique case with League of Legends that potentially Riot is unaware of. I ask politely, can you guys look into this issue and/or provide me with some information regarding how to solve this issue so I can better address it, as well as pass it onto my other friends? It would be appreciated. P.S my internet provider is BT internet. (UK based)

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