14days bann for this reason.

So i was playing soloq and then i got 4 premades from portugal. i was talon mid i asked for ganks and tryed to be nice with them but they instead of helping they flamed me like "stfu noob,ks, l2p," etc etc as a talon midlane i had to snowball the game becouse toplane, jungle, and botlane where losing, i roamed and won the game 16-4. instead of honouring they said report for ks and 4 of them reported me. i sended an email telling them the reason and demanded the chat. this is the chat. please in wich word i was "extreme toxic" accourding to riot. Game 1: [1:22] Ssalih (Talon): i try to roam after 6 [3:56] Ssalih (Talon): lol [3:59] Ssalih (Talon): come on 2 ignites on me [8:22] Ssalih (Talon): amaizing [8:26] Ssalih (Talon): can i get a fking gank [8:27] Ssalih (Talon): no? [8:55] Ssalih (Talon): just for 8 mins shaco comes 3 times midlane [9:18] Ssalih (Talon): ohhh [9:20] Ssalih (Talon): really? [9:25] Ssalih (Talon): do u know he can go invisible [10:19] Ssalih (Talon): do we have a jungler? [13:41] Ssalih (Talon): gj [14:21] Ssalih (Talon): its not going to be easy to roam bot [14:56] Ssalih (Talon): 5 ganks mid [16:06] Ssalih (Talon): EVEN JINX GANKS MID [18:04] Ssalih (Talon): dw [19:25] Ssalih (Talon): and i dont? [19:31] Ssalih (Talon): i am an assasin [19:46] Ssalih (Talon): who? [20:04] Ssalih (Talon): yeah [20:11] Ssalih (Talon): and do you know that you never ganked midlane? [20:19] [All] Ssalih (Talon): i dont care dude my jungler never helped me midlane [21:20] [All] Ssalih (Talon): lol whats wrong hinx [21:23] [All] Ssalih (Talon): jinx? [24:10] Ssalih (Talon): Blue Team Blue buff needs 2'47" seconds to respawn [24:10] Ssalih (Talon): Purple Team Red buff needs 3'39" seconds to respawn [25:29] [All] Ssalih (Talon): its funny shaco did 6 ganks mid when my voli didnt do 1 :D [25:53] [All] Ssalih (Talon): nah i cant say anything about that [26:19] [All] Ssalih (Talon): lol allways? katarina he came 1 time [26:22] [All] Ssalih (Talon): and i wasnt even there [29:48] Ssalih (Talon): varus got a kill [29:49] Ssalih (Talon): yay [30:07] Ssalih (Talon): english please :/ [30:18] Ssalih (Talon): uhm.. [30:22] Ssalih (Talon): but why [30:26] Ssalih (Talon): i didnt say anything bad.. [31:00] Ssalih (Talon): sorry [31:06] Ssalih (Talon): i do more damage than you i gues [31:07] Ssalih (Talon): and mroe fed [32:12] Ssalih (Talon): uhm [32:14] Ssalih (Talon): ruin ur game? [32:20] Ssalih (Talon): you lost botlane didnt you? [32:30] Ssalih (Talon): yeah i am noob [32:39] Ssalih (Talon): i steal? [32:44] Ssalih (Talon): why didnt u get kills on your lane? [33:02] Ssalih (Talon): so what? [33:05] Ssalih (Talon): u had sona [33:08] Ssalih (Talon): and volibear [33:11] Ssalih (Talon): no no its not shut u[ [33:14] Ssalih (Talon): up [33:19] Ssalih (Talon): if u cant win an argument [33:24] Ssalih (Talon): yeah [33:28] Ssalih (Talon): muted like im flaming [33:29] Ssalih (Talon): lol [33:52] Ssalih (Talon): lol [33:59] Ssalih (Talon): please just tell me 1 reason i have to get reported [34:03] Ssalih (Talon): u guys are 4 premade? [34:09] Ssalih (Talon): and you want to report me for what? [34:43] Ssalih (Talon): i play solo [34:52] Ssalih (Talon): how should i think for the team when my junlger never helped me in lane [34:57] Ssalih (Talon): and my junlger calls me noob [35:01] Ssalih (Talon): even that i have the most kills [35:08] Ssalih (Talon): do you guys know i had to snowball the game? [35:14] Ssalih (Talon): I FLAME? [35:17] Ssalih (Talon): where the hell did i flame? [35:29] Ssalih (Talon): you guys tell me to mute me and call me a noob [35:33] Ssalih (Talon): i didnt even flame back [35:46] Ssalih (Talon): bad jungler? [35:49] Ssalih (Talon): no no i never said bad jungler [35:54] Ssalih (Talon): i said my jungler [36:00] Ssalih (Talon): you dont need to put more words boy [37:20] [All] Ssalih (Talon): Sorry for asking but why arent you guys surrendering? [38:56] Ssalih (Talon): we might want to finish [39:00] Ssalih (Talon): before we throw [39:18] Ssalih (Talon): ... [39:25] Ssalih (Talon): why are you bein so mean?
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