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I play league of legends since 2013, and I claim that the game helped me learn a little more of English **(my client's language, EUW) which has French, English, Spanish, German, Italian options.** But at the same time I confirm that, because my server does not have the option of my language (Portuguese), it took much longer to learn each skill, champion and item. I know that, in the case of Portugal, we can simply go to the installation folder of the game, and change the settings there, thus, with the text and audio of the game in Portuguese from Brazil. But in this option what happens is that, the news and news that appear on the client are from the Brazilian server. And, nothing against it, but although here, in Portugal, we understand Portuguese from Brazil very well, both countries have very distinct accents, something like Mexican and Spanish. So the game audio translated to Pt-Br turns out not to be so flashy to me, (Imagine the Brazilian server focus on the audio, all in Portuguese of Portugal, many would not understand anything ....) At this point my girlfriend started learning how to play on my pc, but she, like me in 2013, doesn't understand any english, so I went to the installation folder, and moved there. The fact that the text is in Portuguese (even if br, accent does not read hahaha), helped me even because I could understand things that I had not noticed before. But as I am very used to English audio, I changed the language again. We play on my computer, because we only have this one. Now whenever she wants to play, she asks to change the language, and whenever I go to play change again because I do the audio in English. It's not that complicated to do, but after 3/4 x a day, it's boring. My question is: Can you change the text of the game to another language (in this case, Portuguese) without changing the audio of the game, or the news that appear on the client?

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