Pixelated HUD

Okay so basically my problem is really pixelated HUD. It doesn't impact on gameplay obviously but it's annoying since it looks really bad. It may sound funny, but problem started while I was in game and I had my drawing tablet plugged in (Wacom Intuous Pro) and literally my cat walked over the tablet, pressing something :D I have tried to mess with all league settings (graphics quality, windowed/full-screen, resolution, HUD size) with no help. I even reinstalled drivers on the tablet, reinstalled League, updated graphics card but literally none of those helped. And the weird thing is that it is only League and only the HUD. Also a weird thing is that sometimes it is better around the champion but item and skill icons still look bad, and it suddenly goes bad again?? Anyone has any tips to help? ;__; {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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