Account security compromised, banned for "third party software"

Hello. So I stopped playing the game a couple seasons ago, with just a few matches in the last 2 years (2016 and 2017). At some point during my inactivity I was notified by a friend that my account had been sending standard "bot" messages with links to third party sites regarding "elo boost" and so on. As soon as I caught news of this, I changed my password and never heard of it again. Last week, I decided to play again with some friends and changed my password yet again (because I forgot). Been playing a few matches these days, all good. Last night I had one single match as Jax (I pretty much only play top/jungle champs nowadays) and I notice that, in my match history, there's 2 ranked games as Lucian and Caitlyn, my worst role nonetheless. Also I haven't played ranked in years and obivously these games I hadn't played so I go to log on my account and I find myself banned for using "third party software" and I'm kinda shocked. All I ever run on the background are Discord and Steam so it's pretty clear that whoever compromised my account is the one behind playing matches I never heard of and using sketchy software for sure. I don't know what to do, I opened a support ticket but I've been instantly greeted by a bot telling me to provide a different email account for security reasons, which I have, but I'd rather talk to a human if that's a thing. I made this account way back around season 1, and it'd be a real downer to have it become permabanned because some douche decided to try out their newest script. I've never received a suspension or warning of any kind related to an issue like this, so obviously this comes as a major shock to me. A simple check to my match history already feels weird considering carry is not a role I play, I haven't done ranked in several seasons and the position of my summoner spells is switched in those particular games. I hope these help prove my case here. Anyone been in the same situation? any advice? thoughts? I figure it'd be easy to check where my account has been logged in from to determine that something weird has been going on but I don't know if that's a thing they can do. I'm just out of ideas, waiting for some actual person to help me through support. Cheers.
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