Remake from min 0:30 in the game!

We should have the option to remake faster in the game before minions spawn because the players that were afk then reconnected right before we could remake in min 2:30 - 3 they actually have disadvantage on their lines and that can lose your game,especially when ur playing ranked! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} (a player that already lost a minion wave lost 6 cs and lost like half lvl 2 xp,that means he is in total disadvantage and he can lose his lane if the enemy laner is a strong early champ that can get an easy first blood at lvl 2) HE MUST PLAY SAFE IK,but in low elo a player that lost 2 waves of minions or even less / more can't play safe bcz low elo players are greedy (i'm not perfect i'm bad to i'm not faker i just say my opinion!) <3
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