Leaverbuster and the client

Why do we get slapped with leaverbuster when its the client at fault? What can you do when the client hangs on the loading screen everyone at 100% and simply does not load until they remake or worse play a 4v5 for 20+ mins where it has a greater weight against you since it works on minutes afk. If you suspect its hanging you can attempt to close the client and be met by either a reconnect to game that fails every time in a endless loop OR a complete paralysis of you computer due to the client smothering the resources to such an extreme degree that you cannot alt tab or get the task manager up and ultimately have to hold the power bower for 5 secs. I want to know how a client can be so poor as theres many other problems you come across such as games vanishing before the loading screen appears, unable to lock in a champ or ban which results in a dodge (not for ban since they took that away at some point but in the past it did) Shop not opening, loot unavailable to look at. Clients from game in the late 90's or early-mid 2000's outperform this why is that despite the wealth of the company?
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