My acc Is Locked for 24 hr FOR NOTHING

3 Days ago i buy 1580 RP ..i try to use this new rp code in game ..& didnt work..i ask help than riot support.. after 2 day supp locked my acc & say we neeed to contact with acc creator..i send 2 email for riot supp customer ..1: my acc email.. 2: new email for contact.. cuz supp said i need new email not ur email adress for this acc.. btw i send new email for this customer.. after 2 hrs customer send for me 20 question or more !!!!! i answer all question.. this was for 24 hrs ago .. now my acc still locked.. & no one answer to me reason for locked my acc..all other game in this moment send verifivation email for acc creator ..i have still nothing than riot..I WOULD LIKE BUY SKIN IN FRIDAY..NOW I LOST MY SKIN IN FRIDAY ..& I LOST MY DAY..I LOST PLAYING WITH MY FRIEND..I LOST MY ACC.. ( JUST FOR ONE TICKET FOR HELP ) I HOPE ANY MODERATOR WATCH THIS TICKET & TELL ME WHAT IS THIS RULE IN THIS GAME!!!???
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