Game had error and I got leavebuster

Was playing Ranked to climb up from bronze. anyway I just went into champ select everything was working lock in vlad and wait game to load. got error message saying A critical error has occurred ,would you like to save the error on a file to troubleshoot and It said it would take 5 minutes to fix. I thought it was some kind of trojan in my PC so I run my antivirus scan and do stuff as I was waiting for client to load 62MB downloading have no idea what was it. Scan got nothing. So I just went here to post this why I have 5 game 20 min leave buster ban for some EUW Riot worker . So far I do played NA as well and I can say EUW is worst server if we talk about errors. EUW has most of the errors all the time . So maybe someone needs to get fired or something. I just wanted to know what I do if this happens again so I do not want to be some afk troll in ranked and got another leavebusters.

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