I'm too toxic, I want to use AutoIt to disable my Enter key while in-game, is this bannable?

I&#039;ve come to accept the fact that I get too angry while playing. I need to remove the option to chat to other players. I use AutoIt in my work a lot. I&#039;d like to write a 2-3 line script which looks to see if the window is active and then disable the [Enter] key, but I&#039;d like to know if this will be picked up as a cheat and my account banned. Can someone from Riot let me know if this will be detected as a cheat? **EDIT - Solution** I'm taking the risk and created the script anyway. I couldn't figure out how to disable the key, so I did something different. Everytime the enter key is rpessed, the program presses it again, superfast so you can't type anything. If I try to alt+tab out of the game to turn off the program, it will straight away put me back in the game. The only way to turn off the program would be to quit the game and then turn it off in the bottom right taskbar. If anyone is interested, here is the code. > #include <Misc.au3> Local $hDLL = DllOpen("user32.dll") While 1 if Not winexists("League of Legends (TM) Client") Then Sleep(5000) endif Sleep(20) if winexists("League of Legends (TM) Client") And not WinActive("League of Legends (TM) Client") Then WinActivate("League of Legends (TM) Client") endif if winactive("League of Legends (TM) Client") Then if _IsPressed ( "0D" , $hDLL ) Then Sleep(10) send("{ENTER}") endif EndIf WEnd
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