RIOT - Autofill deletes the fun

Many players complain about autofill since it has been released. Instead of taking credit to this feedback, Riot even makes it worse. Now it seems like you get autofilled to whatever position as soon as your wait time exceeds the estimated wait time by seconds. The problem with autofill is not only that the autofilled player is most of the times upset about his position but he also is more likely to play much worse than with his prefered role. So his teammates will have a rough time which is really annoying - especially in ranked. Also the amount of games that are being dodged in champion select is too damn high. The queue time is effectively longer when two champion select are being dodged before your game starts. People who really care about short queue times can pick the "fill position" but the other players must not be forced to play something they don't want. Waiting longer in queue is better than being stuck in a game you don't feel comfortable with.
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