!IMPORTANT! - Client repair while disconnected due to a system crash

Hello everyone, Since i came back to League of Legends this year, after 2 years of not playing, I have to say i am truly dissapointed, as a player who started playing in 2010. Since the start of this ranked season, I've lost between 8 and 10 games due to game bugs, unjustified system etc. What just happened is that i got a system crash right after we entered the loading screen, i couldnt prntscr since i was occupied by getting back into the game. Since my computer couldn't react to anything i restarted it in period of 30 secs, and game still didn't begin, as my premade said. It wouldn't be a problem, if LoL client didn't start **REPAIRING** at the middle of the loading screen?! First of all, how could that be possible? As a programmer, i think its totally ridiculous to write an algorithm that would actually make that action. And second, how is it possible that i was marked as a leaver, and lost lp? I don't think that Riot realizes how huge impact that is on players overall experience, and i honestly don't think they even care about those problems. Since this happened multiple times in last month, I've written more than 5 tickets to support, usually getting answered by automatic replies, or by a Blitz Bot... **PLEASE** , I seriously need help about this, i really don't know how to behave when that happens, because it started tilting me veeeery much, and i think i'll just stop playing this game once again, and it'll be forever, since no one from Riot pays attention to their players experience. If anyone knows what to do about this situation, please, let me know. Just to mention again, player support wont help me. I provided some screenshot proofs. https://imgur.com/a/LD0LkfQ https://imgur.com/a/RhCkYcJ Thank you.
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