Ping is 150-180, but other then League is running perfectly fine.

Hello, i JUST played a game, where all of a sudden my "ms" jumped to 180 and was going up and down from 150-180ms. Normally it would be stuck at around 20-26ms. I tried doing speed test's and so on. It told me on 3 different sites that my Download speed was: 256,5 Mbps & my Upload speed was 313,9 Mbps. So to me it just didnt make any sense? What is going on? i dont feel like going into a new game in case i lag again and wont be able to play, hence ruining my teammates games. I absolutely HATE when this happens, i know for some reason that it isnt my router or my Network provider because it's quiet expensive, and is specifically made for gamers. My download speed sits at around 25mb/s when i download games. I also opened my cmd and checked my ping to the EUNE server IP and it said i had 16ms. I'm really confused and would like to know why i'm lagging. (_I also dont feel like getting banned for something that i had no part in? For all i know it could be the game/clients fault._) I wish League of Legends had a seperate program that'd let you check your ping before entering games. I am certain alot of people would draw benefit from it. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} EDIT: NOW I CANT EVEN GET INTO THE GAME? It's just loading, when i entered my name and password. I am now CERTAIN that it isnt my network that's at fault here. 2nd EDIT: Okay, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKAY. Forreal, RIOT what in the hell? I finally managed to get into my account, and now all of my champions are gone. Idk if i should be laughing or crying right now. My skins and emotes are still there but my champions are marked as champions you do not own and i cant pick them in "Training Mode". I almost want to type something that might actually get me banned because this is a F-ing joke. My champions are for some reason now marked as "Content is no longer available for purchase." Here is the pictures (Imgur) for people who are curious as to how this looks!
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