Riot Games' Support being completely ignorant about Technical Issues

Hi guys, let me tell you a story. Short preview: Since January 20-ish my ping rose for roughly 20-25 ms. I had 47 ping before now i have 60-75 depending on game. Riot support did not manage to do anything to this and finally after countless tests (took them one month to propose everything they could to prove that it's not their business, every new day it was a new support member who didn't bother to read all previous tests done and making a funny loop) they made a verdict: that's my ISP troubles and that has to do nothing with them(Means my computer or my router, or my network or my cable or god knows whatever else doesnt make a negative impact on my connection). Now the story begins: I moved to another house i used to live previously, with another ISP, which uses another data exchange and guess what do i have there: 20-25 more ping as well! It is now still 60-65 when i used to play 44 constant ping. And now Riot games say that they can do nothing for me. They just don't give a single ****, did not even propose to check their server routing, didn't even bother to write official letter on behalf of Riotgames to Data exchange. You may ask "Why do they have to?", the answer is simple — they are partnered with european Data Exchanges to support their RiotDirect system, so they have to be in touch with them when their system becomes worse. If you are interested in traceroutes, screenshots, anything else — I will be glad to post them, since I will do anything to prove that Riot support is not actually supporting anything that is not about RP purchases or cute drawings. \ Sorry for my English, tried to do my best :)
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