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Hey here is my story. So last year I finished in gold, I received victorious graves yet did not received the golden ranked boarder. I then wrote a post on it a couple of months later, and was told that I would be unable to get it. Despite being a little sad from not acquiring my boarder, I was still happy as I at least got my skin which I played with for numerous games. After this I decided to take a little break off league of legends (4 months roughly), as I had important exams coming up. I have now finished my exams and have decided to come back, yet now my victorious graves skin is gone. It has simply just became unavailable, as if I didn't reach gold last season. Can someone explain to me what has happened? I have never been banned, and I have no clue as for what could have caused this. Thank you for taking your time and reading my concern, hope you are able to help me out.
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