Riot - A company that never cares about the facts.

Hey guys. Alright let me make this short and easy , so ... I had 3 accounts right? 1. My Main (Got banned) 2. My Second (Got banned) 3. My third acc (got suspended) Now when you look at this from this prespective you go like alright so you must obviously done something wrong and you deserved those. Wrong! Riot just simply doesn't give a fu** about their players. I had so many trolls , so many feeders , so many players that ruined the game and wasted 40-60 min of 3-4 players due to them being toxic/feeders/trolls etc. I don't understand anymore . Let me set a example : > Riot doesn't allow you to leave a game , no matter what. Even if you're whole team is trolls and feeders , you are forced to be on the game. > Doesn't even ban the right players , most of the time bans the people with little mistakes instead of the ones who are the REAL problem. > Giving criticism to players is now considered somehow as flaming , being toxic. > Speaking in chat in a more vulgar way , such as for example : Aw sh*t i just got fu**ing killed. Oh well. is considered punishable. I honestly think Riot haven't even played their own game yet. No joke. Cause if they did , they would know when you end up with a bad team filled with trolls , feeders , afkers a normal person who haves emotions would rage quit , flame . I want a solution for this. Either riot has to make a new system where for example , a forum with a list of all the players of league that are trolls/afkers/feeders/etc. where we can copy those names and paste them to block them so we dont end up in games with them or.... Riot needs to start paying more attention to chat logs and take more caution on who they are banning and what they are doing. Literally i had chat logs where i was nice with the team but i might of raged for like 1 second at a player for doing something , such as going afk , trolling ,feeding and i got suspended/banned/chat restricted. That is complete bullsh*t. I am being FORCED to play a game full of people who break rules and do everything wrong. The most fu*ked up thing about this is the pre-made trolls who all report you and chances are you 100% flamed at them cause they all trolled and fu*ked with you the whole game. You now have 4 reports , or maybe even from enemy team cause all of them say report **** cause he is toxic. Even tho they are the real trolls and the enemy team doesnt know that. Riot gets logs , bans you or suspends you for being toxic. Riot. Honestly , I've been a player for 3 years and lost accounts where i had skins and payed money for them. Real money for them. Maybe for riot that doesn't mean shi* but for someone to get up and work and sweat and then waste that money on silly stuff like a skin for a champion and then lose it cause some idiots joined the game and trolled hard or went afk. Besides that , the worst part is this all happens in ranked games. Like seriously? I question myself on daily basis when i play league and 90% of times i end up with some of the most BS players i've ever seen , i end up questioning myself if Riot is even trying to do something about this? This is my first ever forum post and i'm honestly doing this cause i'm sick and tired of Riot not giving a sh*t about their players or chat logs or what's going on ingames. Besides that! They got million and million of dollars , Why don't they get some servers that record every game a player haves and check what's ACTUALLY going on? Must of you would reply to this part with : just record it yourself and send to riot. What about people who can't record? Maybe their PC isn't good enough and they get fps lag if they record , or some other stuff? If i had the chance i'd record every game i ever played and make a 1 hour long video of how much bullsh*t players go through on a daily basis with league players. I've done more then 1000 reports on bad players and from all of them only 1 has gotten banned. How do i know? [I don't know if you know this but league sends a message that pops on league home screen saying they took some actions upon the player you reported] That is seriously not fair at all! Now i need to sit here for 2 more weeks and then probably end up with 100 more games full of toxic / afkers / feeders for no reason and then i'll probably slip and start to rage and end up getting perm banned. RIOT. You're here to help me. Do something about these kind of situations cause i'm sick of these. And i can gurantee you i'm not the only one who has had this happen to them , i'm actually a really chill and down to earth player but everyone has a limit and a line that once that is crossed you are full of emotions and you will do anything : from raging to flaming and going afk due to ban players. But if you even do any of those , even if you had GOOD reasons on why so , you would get banned. I'm a really positive person when it comes to playing games and i'm really chill but everyone has a limit and riot needs to understand this. Riot needs to do something about these situations. Thanks for reading <3 . Post on what you think about these situations and i'm sorry for making it so long but along the way when i was writing i literally started getting a bit pissed off when i re-think of all the situations i had with bad players (trolls, feeders , toxic etc).
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