Brandon Beck (co-chairman) Marc Merrill (co-chairman) Nicolo Laurent (CEO) Dylan Jadeja (CFO) Scott Gelb (COO) These five people,according to Wikipedia,are really important people who practically run Riot Games...Are they seeing what happening the last 3 months to their game? Wake up...Start dismissing employees...They are ruining your game,your reputation.They released a patch and instead of fixing insane bugs,they added even more unacceptable bugs.I'm not even gonna say something about the champion buffs/nerfs etc... Yea obviously there are a lot of people who keep paying you,so the company is still making money but i'm pretty sure they'll stop because from today the best solution is to stop playing the game.You are about to lose millions of dollars,if you didn't already,compared with previous seasons...Just fix your game by dismissing those who put it in this terrible state. At least let's hope that the streamers,who have some power over the players,will stop streaming the game,because nothing will change after this post...They are the only ones who might be able to do something about it.
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