New High End PC - High FPS - Sudden FPS drops and Audio stutter when making an action

I'm very flluent in computers, everything is up to date and running smoothly. It seems to be an issue that occours when the game has to load either a sound or do something new as in an action or ability. So for example in ARAM yesterday, everytime I died the game stuttered like crazy while playing the death sound. With Nidalee in ARAM her spears hitting an enemy caused the stutter. I'm running an SSD. I have the logs from the Hextech repair tool. Can anyone help figure this out? It is ruining the experience a fair bit. ### Edit 1 ### I ran LatencyMon and found this after the game stuttered... ### Edit 2 ### The newest driver could be the problem, I've rolled back to some 6 months old drivers and also uninstalled the HDMI Audio Driver as it may be causing higher DPC latency, I'm currently testing but I've had no stutters yet. ### Edit 3 ### SOLVED - The issue is either one of these 2 things. First, I rolled back my Nvidia drivers to a version from 6 months ago, I'm using version 430.86. Second, I uninstalled the Nvidia HDMI audio driver. Then I
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