Yet again, let's talk about LoL Client(tldr:it's slow and laggy).

Hey! Since new client got released it was underperforming vs the old client on my system. --------------------- It wasn't that awful at first and I was able to tolerate it. And maybe year ago or so, it has become insanely laggy and slow even with low-spec mode: ON. I.E.: if i got no runes prepared in advance -- big chance i won't be able to edit it in champ select due to extremely slow/laggy animations and buttons(etc) don't responde on my click right away. Not to mention post-game screen needs like whole minute to pop-up even if client stays open while playing the actuall game. I have to say that my PC is not high-end, but it's more then capable to run an actuall LoL on max settings with 60+ fps. Had to make this post, because I've gotten to unbearable level of frustration(~~I'm freaking mad~~). ------------------------ Tell me, do you experience the same issues with client? Maybe some1 has found solution to this?(I've tried like 20 different solutions). ----------------------- Thx in advance!{{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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