random FPS drops & loooooooooong load screens since 8.17

Alright, so here goes. Since the patch dropped, the average FPS within the game also dropped. Not to mention the long, long loadscreens for no apparent reason. I almost thought I disconnected a few times while loading so I had to restart the client and reconnect. Seems like I'm not the only player that has this problem, since all the people I matched with shared similar experiences in all-chat. This is a major problem for anyone that plays ranked games. A lot of games don't go past 3 minutes, since a few people don't even connect. Free kills, because people just randomly walk past you without doing anything for 2-3 seconds or standing still. And it is ducking impossible to team fight when a team mate or an enemy player just does nothing. RIOT get your stuff together and test patches before you release them... thank you
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