Game 2 Skító: can yu pls Skító: babysit me a bit Skító: pls Skító: k Skító: Jungler Skító: Help me TOP! Skító: coz you didnt come Skító: ww , do you wanna know how many ganks did Kayn did? Skító: I farm? Skító: I FARM? Skító: Ok thats it dude Skító: fiora ss top Skító: fiora neer bot lane Skító: WW Skító: wake UP Skító: YOu farm neer them ON BOT Skító: while they LOSE turret Skító: you dont look on map Skító: clearly Skító: focus Soraka Skító: when i saw they pick soraka I knew it was over Skító: ww dont worry you are reported Skító: you dont know how to play Skító: 46 farm Skító: and you did 1 mid gank Skító: kayn 77 Skító: and he was everywhere Skító: ye 6 times top Skító: and you came once and did nothing Skító: I stop talking bye Skító: pls report ww THIS IS OFFENSIVE TALKING??!!? WHY DONT YOU PUT ALL CHAT TO SEE HOW THEY TALK , WHERE IS THE - %%%% YOU MOM YOU SHIT AUTIST , AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT HAPPENED IN THE CHAT, I GOT MUTED 2th TIME , WHY THE HELL DO YOU WANT TO BAN MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE THIS CHAT IS CLEARLY NO ABUSIVE CHAT , I TOLD NOTHING BAD , SHOW EVERYTHING , LOOK ON GAME , HOW IS IT POSSIBLE WITH SO MANY GUYS WHO WORK ON RIOT , ME TO GET BANNED FOR WHAT REASON? THAT WAS FLAME??? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !! THIS %%%%ED MY WHOLE DAY , BE FAIR , REMOVE THIS MUTE BECAUSE THIS IS NOT FAIR , THIS IS CLEARLY SOME SORT OF MISTAKE OR SOMETHING , YOUR REPORT SYSTEM MAY BE BROKEN OR SO , BUT THIS IS CLEARLY NO REASON FOR MUTE , THEN FOR BAN , I DONT HAVE TO SAY ABSOLUTE NOTHING IN CHAT AND I WILL STILL GET BANNED, I DONATED FOR SKINS AND I WANNA DONATE MORE , BUT IF THIS SHIT HAPPENS WHY THE HELL WILL I BOTHER IF YOU WANT MY ACCOUNT BANNED ??? THIS IS NOT OK , I WANT SOMEONE TO EXPLAIN!!! MAKE IT CLEAR !!! AND ye Btw , I was muted Once , and the chat was not shown for what , then while I had mute , I was talking with my cousin in romainian , and 3 days later, YES 3 DAYS LATER you showed me the chat , why I was muted , and in that chat ( while I was already muted keep it clear) you guys showed me the chat when I talked to my cousin in another language and put that as flame??? racist??? I dont know But this is starting to be a serious matter !!!
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