What after improving the league of legends internet connection ??

Hi .. i just want to complain about the internet ping especially after joe's video that have been published on Apr 25, 2018 just after this video when he talked about improving the internet connection with the ranges and WI-Fi .. after this it just got very worse ..before this idea we got a 80-85 on this range .. now? 110-140 starting with 60 and in 5 seconds it becomes >> ( 70 - 80 - 90 - 110 - 120 - 140 .... ) and dont tell me its about my internet because it's just the same internet when i started playing league of legends 2 years ago .. and this issue just started after this video ( 4 months ago ) i dont know what league of legends tried to fix with the internet connection >> but belive me it just make it worse .. i hope you guys fix this issue soon or just reroll the internet connection as it was .. and thanks ..
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