well done riot i have to say your the most intelligent company ever to be, instead of fixing all the issues from the last patch you now decided to release yet another patch with all this work on heros etc etc amd yet today i come onto the boards and the amount of bugs and issues now is quite frankly %%%%ing unbearable. You have been doing this now for how many years??? and you have all this nice money sat in your %%%%ing pockets and yet but YET REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR GAME CLIENT??? AND ALL SURROUNDING ISSUES????, EVEN KEYSTONES DONT WORK NOW ELECTRO AND PHASE WTF YOU HAVENT EVEN TOUCHED THE RUNES AND YET THEY ARE ALSO BROKEN YOU REALLY NEED TO SAY SORRY TO YOUR PLAYER BASE GIVE THEM COMPENSATION FOR YOUR IGNORANCE OTHERWISE YOUR GONNA LOSE PLAYERS. that is all lol.
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