24 Hours RP purchase limit

waited over 30 hours still error occurs. It's been 2 freaking years and you still haven't fix this damn error. more than that client is buggy af. Trying to reroll 3 shards into permenant client gets glitched out and then you get kicked out of it , coming back I get shards are gone and you dont know what you have got since Skin section is also bugged (big surprise), trying to open more than 1 loot item makes client freeze, then error says that times run out or some shit and you have to restart client cuz now those loot items gets glitched out you can no longer open em nor u see what u got from them. Oh and just yesterday i got summoner spell glitch it wouldnt let me switch em saying an error occured trying to change summoners or some shit. And had to play whole game with exhaust on adc (and ofc my team flamed me that im a troll for that)
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