How to cope with a unjustified ban?

Hello forum. I am a previous long time player of League of Legends that was unjustifiably banned 1-2 years ago. My tag was "123" and I played around Master rating. I used to play this game all the time until a period where I left to backpack in New Zealand. When I returned home, it said my account was banned for scripting. I checked my match history, and the only games played, were games I had played(1-3) while on Net Cafees in New Zealand. Back then, I still had Curse Voice addon on my PC (I had it before it was illegal, and it became illegal after I came home) and that might have triggered the system to recognize my addon as scripts. This has been bothering me for a very long time and I'm looking for suggestions as to how to move on, when it's so difficult, knowing I was punished for not doing anything wrong. I am aware, I was no angel, but I wasn't toxic and I've never used hacks in ANY game. Hope some of you can help and share your opinions.. Thanks
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