changing size etc

I log in today, do a game or two, everything is fine. then I log in a few hours later and suddenly the start screen where you put in your password etc has been changed back to 1024 and i try changing that back to 1600 as I have and suddenly every box is wrong and I can't see where to type in password etc and so I thinking to myself to log out, and start the game again, and I do, and guess what, the login screen is back to 1024 and seems to not work properly with the placement of the boxes etc unless you run it at 1024 resolution. my question is... 1. why, when RIOT is making a tom of money can they not fix this rather simple thing, its not like it is in game, it is basically a page with password, why is it so difficult to fix it once and for all? 2. what do I have to do to get the stupid screens to remain the size I set them to be?
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