Snowdown Shop - Why These Skins?

I have just opened the six skins available to me at a discounted price. {{champion:223}} Master Chef Tahm Kench - my most used champion but the skin doesn't appeal. {{champion:25}} Exiled Morgana - even though I already have the Blade Mistress and Blackthorn Morgana skin {{champion:150}} Gentleman Gnar - even though I already have the Dino Gnar skin {{champion:15}} Spectacular Sivir - even though I already have the Huntress Sivir skin - and its one of the most unpopular skins {{champion:21}} Road Warrior Miss Fortune - even though I already have the Captain Fortune skin {{champion:92}} Battle Bunny Riven - I have played Riven maybe twice ever! With the exception of Tahm Kench, I don't know why Riot is trying to encourage me to buy skins for champions, where I already have skins, or in the case of Riven, a champion I barely use. Surely it would have been better to check my mastery page and see what champions I play more often, and provide discounted skins for those champions. Or match history? I'm not being ungrateful. I've spent a fair bit of money in the past on skins etc. but the mix of skins in the Snowdown store are really unappealing.
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