Please take my RP to give the gift my boyfriend deserves

Dear Riot, My boyfriend has helped me trough some incredible hardship lately. I wanted to do something back for him. Ever since GGMF was announced, my boyfriend was a total fan of her. He is a big nerd, LOVES sci-fi and is my ADC and MF main. (I play support) I am not somone who is able to gift back in a money gift way sadly, even if I wanted to. So I worked really hard to try and get RP trough tournaments, which I succeeded in. Now when I wanted to gift him the GGMF payback edition, it was no where to be found in the giftshop, only the normal GGMF. Please Riot. Take my RP and my soul if needed and give my boyfriend (Skwie) the GGMF payback edition. He deserves that border for everything he has done for me and pulling me trough the hardest times. I would be forever grateful. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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