Todays patch made the game running even worse.

Alright here is the deal, based of the forums i learn people having fps issues in the game and additionaly long loading screen issues. I myself got a huge problem currently , i get random fps drops that will keep for like an unknown amount of time during a match, and most of the times this will happen etheir i am switching my camera position into a fight or when i start fighting. On top of that if i go into the graphic settings and change any setting of it, after applying it all of a sudden it is fixed till the next time it will happen, so based of that we already know its not a pc issue but a programming issue. This problem started from 8.15 , riot does know about this problem but doesnt want to give a solution for it. Updating firmware/bios/repair client does not fix this issue for everybody. This issue started with AMD FX cpu series and continued with some old Intel cpus. I never had that fps issue, even before switching my gpu into a 1060 which is a beast graphic card for all competitive games. So the question is, why doesn't riot games even bother finding a solution for it. Is that some sort of way asking the players switching pc parts like some gaming companies tend to do for marketing purposes? Who knows, the only thing i know is , since riot games doesnt intent to switch their game engine platform into a better one, so we finally get over with all the bugs the game has, from minions to hitbox collision issues i atleast want the game to run smooth cause this annoys a lot of people and they dont give a candle about it. I shouldn't even mention that they only own one game and they are a multi millionaire company, so finding a solution should be quite easy. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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