when will i have not to 1v9 be it ranked or bots

dear riot i am done with bots on my team and on enemy when i play ai for first win its like going 1v9 even in bots and its not a thing which i have to face rarely its everyday 3/4 bots on my team feeding like crazy by crazy i mean going full int more than Tyler1 running down mid (yeah same dude who you banned once again even though he is reformed GG RITO) they just buy boots run down mid and keep on with that. If you wanna try a support in ai game then god helps if you are not lucky and get 4 bots who will feed brand or cassio bot ive tried contacting so many times but @RiotSupport thinks "bot cant get through our system" Really? Really? are you serious there are thousands of people who can confirm this everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY if you don't have enough "resources" to confirm bots in ai games then here is a tip for you they play only free rotation champs without a single rune, summoner spells may vary but for me its the heal and barrier (ive seen other variations too but its unusual) take out the data of summoners playing only free rotation champs in ai games and filter out those with close to zero kda it must be like 0/12 every game, who dc like 5-10 times every game and run down mid (that's the usual but its not like they don't go other lanes) and ban every single one who came up on that list . EVERY SINGLE ONE!! i understands there are a lot of games played every day but if you put out this ban wave every week it will surely reduce the number and we dont have to see these bots every game and go tryhard in bot game (tyrhard in bot game is really frustrating) thank me later for the suggestions by giving me some RP Peace
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