Placements - 8/10 wins - S rank in 6/7 of the games - generally carried - Bronze V???

so i just completed **my first ever placements** hopeful of gettin atleast high silver, i managed to play really well, honestly i carried almost every game with good KDA and managed to win 8/10 of my games. but i still got bronze V as my starting point????? meaning i have to WIN like 50+ games to get into high silver the only two games i lost were due to a botlane feeding a lot so it couldnt be won as it was like 3v5 i even won a game with a 6/21 adc... i got S rating in around 6 games i think these were my scores: 10/2/6 12/5/16 14/7/11 13/3/15 13/6/16 19/10/8 18/4/11 1/1/10 (soraka support) 16/3/10 18/1/15 why was i put in the lowest possible rank??? i honestly dont understand
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