Username/password wrong *bug*

Okey so i have quit LoL for 2 months and now i came back . 1st i tried to log in and it said unexpected error occured during log in .. or something like that now it says wrong username / password. I know that this is my username and password and they are not wrong but anyways i clicked *forgot password* typed my account name aaand nothing in my email popped to change my password .. i tried this on another account and it worked so that means that my acc is bugged/banned(for no reason)/hacked(i doubt it cuz i told a friend to check if my acc had recent games or any changes etc..) and i can not retrieve it .. its been like that for 4 days and im out of options ( tried re installing , hextech repair , tried to change password as i said but i cant ) The only thing that comes in mind is that im banned for no reason cuz it happened to alot of my friends Any thoughts?

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