game freezes again and again

In my last TFT game, my game in the decisive battle froze, and I had 50+ gold, I almost collected Ashe 3 levels, but because the game froze, I could not do it. When I entered the game, I already won. And in general, I thought that now I would lose due to the fact that I did not have time to make the final spurt, and strengthen. And this is all because the game is constantly freezing, and you need to restart your computer! I recently lost the game because of this, and this is the last straw of my patience. Are you waiting for everyone in this game so that everyone can read the forum and write to you? How much longer does this have to endure? My computer is enough to play this game with 70+ FPS. Seriously ! In my SR mode, FPS never drops below 70 at all, I see no reason to buy a super powerful computer to play comfortably on this small map, because developers cannot fix their mistakes! Riot Are you kidding me? This is really not funny anymore. With the release of patch 9.23, for some reason, drops of FPS started right after the update, then it disappeared somewhere - which I was definitely happy about. But what if it starts again? Also, I got a freezing game. Literally nothing helps, I can’t open the task manager, nothing works. The only way is to restart the computer. The game stably freezes 1-2 times a day. This only happens in the League of Legends. Sometimes I play CSGO, everything is fine there, the game does not freeze, FPS is stable. So I want to note. I do not use absolutely no programs that can affect at least somehow the game. I just turn on the computer and start the League of Legends, and after a while the game freezes, and this happens at any moment, whether it's a team battle or I’ll just go on the line. I will check through the task manager. No, absolutely nothing on my computer, which can affect the game. Only system processes and game processes. So it is your game to blame for the fact that it freezes. And please note, I'm not the only one. It really brings inconvenience! Fix it
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