Hella weird bug.

So basically to summerize, I made an EUW account and setted it up without a problem, i got into the usual tutorial and finished it and as i clicked finished the screen went black and came back on in 5 seconds and i was stuck on the "UNLOCK YOUR CHAMPION!" aka the level up screen. I waited for a bit and decided to try opening task manager to see if anything weird is happening and I saw an instance of League of Legends going so my guess is that the actual game bugged with the client some howsince the game was over. To continue; I force closed League of Legends instance in task manager the action that happend next is like when you have the "Close the client during the game" turned on, the client exited and came right back loading just as if it was an ordinary match like this https://gyazo.com/84967dd25ea9f605498614d2047e217f I clicked the "X" button and got me to the usual Client page and play was avaible i looked trough the modes and i coudnt play PVP yet so i had to finish out the tutorial which i did, tho i didnt get any reward i just got the 3k BE and thats all i didnt get to choose a champion {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Weirdest of all is that i dont have any icon selected so when im at loading the screen my icon area is black https://gyazo.com/00c5b2a3a8319bc67eb2582ff96f6a9e
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