I always have at least one disconnection per game

Good morning everybody, I have a big problem regarding my client and my games. In fact i always have at least one disconnection per game, this is very annoying because i get killed often, i loose farm and stay far behind the enemy.. Moreover i always get reported by the other team mates and get penalties. This also happens sometimes during the champ select, it looke like the enemy didn't lock in his champ but actually i got disconnected from the champ select and i'm unable to lock in my champ. Consequently the champ selct closes and i got a penalty of -3LPs and also a 5Minutes ban befor launching another game .. I already reset my computer, i reinstalled Windows Software, i reinstalled League Client but this continues to happen. Does anyone know about it or have a solution ? Thank you very much ! {{champion:222}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}

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