fps gets lower as the game progresses / how to assign more ram (because it might be a memory leak)?

**_Off-topic, but if anyone has the same issue and a solution, let me know:_** Im currently dealing with Probably some incompatibility with NVidia software and something else (I think) causing freezes in the game. this happens on all games on both my pc and laptop. Although I don't think this is the reason. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **_The problem:_** It seems to only happen on my PC. I start at around 140-150 fps when the game starts and 100-120 fps in bigger teamfights before 12 minutes or so. The longer the game progresses however, everything drops. Around 30 minutes in, my average FPS outside of teamfights gets around 80-100 fps and teamfights drop to 60 (my minumum desired fps). 40+ minutes in and teamfights quickly drop to 30-60, far below my minimum. I've done some research online and people suggested that this might be because of a memory leak (which causes more RAM to be used for no reason to my understanding) the longer the application is running. League uses 1,5 gB RAM max. **_Extra information/specs:_** CPU: Intel Core i5 4670 3.4GHz (around 3.5 years old, not overclocked) GPU: GTX 970 - 4gB (2-2.5 years old, not overclocked) RAM: 24 gB DDR3 RAM (3.5 years old, not overclocked) Motherboard: MSI Z87-G41 (3.5 years old, not overclocked) Game running on a HDD (700gB free) which is also 3.5 years old. **_Question_** I was wondering if I could fix this issue by assigning more RAM to league of legends, though I don't know how to assign more RAM to programms in general (besides steam games). So, how do you assign more maximum allowed RAM to a application like League of Legends? I don't mind diving into the BIOS if this is needed. I have 24 gB of DDR3 RAM so I have MORE than enough.
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