permanent banned

hi riot i was saying this in player support and iam saying this in here too iam not a toxic player and iam not insane player please give me yes maybe some games i would flame but i was right to be flame them cus if you check the replay u will understand and i cant have another account unban my account with punishment i told u before that even prisoners will released from prison someday i told u before that i always have bad teammates i would always lose 5-6 games in row all cus my teammates and when i say why u are doing this they say its normal or i do what i like to do and they will insulting me too i cant just mute them cus i care about my games and winning i dont want to lose u must understand me even in ranks is like this and you banned me i spend my money and my live over this account and cus of my country i cant have another account it will be too expensive for me please help me out i beg you mute me forever in games or something but please unban me this account is my life
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