Server/hack/something problems (plz help!)

So i was playing with a friend. When suddenly we both got disconnected. We were still in game, but couldn't walk anymore. "attempting to reconnect". 5 minutes later, we could play again. We thought it were server problems, but in the chat it said "(summ name of their {{champion:412}} ) unpaused the game". Every single one in the game got this. This happened three times in total. Finally we won the game, but we couldn't look at the stats afterwards and didn't see the game in our match history. Today i was in my series, going 1-1. We were winning really hard. But than it happened again. This time it said "Raggle unpaused the game". And again, in the end, the game didn't count…. Plz do something about this rito{{summoner:14}}
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