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When does the Season end?

The season ends November 7th at 23:59 Server Time (This means GMT for EUW and CET for EUNE).

  • You will need to be in the loading screen by Nov 7th, 23:59 Server Time for the final game to count.
  • Challenger spots lock at 23:45 Server Time so games must be completed before then.
  • Watch out for decay! Rankings lock at 23:59 Server Time.

What rewards do I get?

  • Bronze: Summoner icon and profile insignia
  • Silver: Summoner Icon, profile insignia, Victorious ward skin (2+ queues)1, and loading screen border (queue specific)
  • Gold+: Summoner Icon, profile insignia, Victorious ward skin (2+ queues)1, loading screen border (queue specific), and Victorious Graves (Chromas per queue)2

1So how do I get the Victorious ward?

You can get it this season by achieving Silver or higher in any 2 ranked queues (3v3 Flex, Ranked Flex, Ranked Solo).

2How does the chroma reward work?

While getting Gold in any ranked queue will grant you the Victorious skin (and unlock Graves), you’ll also receive different colored chromas depending on which ranked queue(s) you get Gold or higher in.


If you end the season with Honor 3 or higher, you’ll get a special ward skin based on the honor level you ended the season with!


As announced in August, certain players are ineligible for this season’s rewards:

  • Players with bans or chat restrictions active when the season ends.
  • Players issued a ban of 7 days or more after Aug 22nd, 23:59 Pacific Time.
  • Players banned for boosting during the 2017 season.

Players who experience fraud-related or erroneous bans will still be eligible. Players hit with LeaverBuster will also be eligible.

What if I get a chat restriction or ban after the season ends?

You’ll still get your rewards even if they haven’t been distributed yet. Count yourself lucky and reflect on the reasoning why the punishment was issued!

What if I have Honor 2 or below?

You’ll get rewards as long as you do not hit the ineligibility criteria above.


All rewards will be distributed in the coming months after the end of season. We’ll give further updates as rewards are sent out regarding timelines!

  • Some rewards may appear faster than others so don’t worry if you don’t get them all at once.

I don’t want my border!!

Really? You sure? Once you receive rewards on your account, send in a support ticket and we’ll help you out!


Here is a list of borders for the end of 2017 ranked season!

  • Normal SR: Shows highest of Solo/Duo or Flex
  • Normal TT: Shows TT Flex reward
  • Rotating Game Mode/ARAM/Custom: Shows highest of any reward
  • Co-op vs. AI Summoner’s Rift - Shows highest of Solo/Duo or Flex reward
  • Co-op vs. AI Twisted Treeline - Shows TT Flex reward
  • Ranked Solo/Duo: Shows Solo/Duo reward
  • Ranked Flex SR/Flex TT: Shows Flex reward, depending on SR or TT
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