game-breaking bugs are ignored by riot for months. how is this game worth playing?

champions suddenly stop making any actions for several seconds but game goes on (no dc). game randomly tabs out. random lags and disconnects that have never been there before. this happens in LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE GAME at least one time for months. i have NEVER seen ANY official reaction from riot to this game currently being unplayable. what can I do besides uninstalling? countless people have reported at least the tabouts, there was no reaction in the forums ever. nobody reads them, riot employees don't give a damn about the state of their products and about what their customers have to say. this is nothing short of insulting. who of you has ever seen another company blatantly ignore their customers so much? Isn't it enough that trolling and leaving is basically allowed? I can observe how trolls and ragequitters just keep on playing on no matter what. So I can say for a fact their behaviour has no consequences. Can I then at least have a functioning game? please? Or maybe some kind of reaction?
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