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followed by a permanent ban of course. Literally minutes ago. Im well aware of how strict riot is with this kind of stuff, but since i recently on my main account in high diamond had a guy tell me "u should %%%" after which i told him he's getting banned for that and he replied "lmao right". I reported him after the game, in the following 3 days i didnt get a notification that he got banned or that anyone did for that matter. I figured, "hmmm maybe riot changed something". Today while playing on a new account, with no previous restrictions, no games behind, completely new account i intentionally decided to test it out, since the last guy that told me to kill myself ( which according to riots wonderful team is something extremely forbidden and will result in an instant 2 week ban) didnt get ANY punishment. I was playing a 3v5 game, considering its a lvl 10 game its nothing out of the ordinary and i really didnt care since i was doing well. Then some two guys on the enemy team said how they watch 'cowsep' or whatever, and having seen that abomination of a person i purposely typed out what i did just to see whats gonna happen. And who would've guessed, i got an instant 2 week ban. So now my question is why did a guy that told me to kill myself in my game get no punishment, and i did on a freshly created account. I assume the guy that told me that knows what the concequences of saying that are, because lets face it, everyone knows. I would also bet that he got restricted before, yet he didnt get punished. And you can call me a flamer, toxic or whatever you want. Ive heard it all before, but i just want you all to see what it takes to get a 2 week ban, one warning before a permanent ban. 2 wrong words and you will lose everything you ever had in this game or that you bought or that you worked for to achieve. A total of 6 clicks on the keyboard. You could be the nicest guy on the planet but one wrong word and riot will rip it out of your hands regardless. Then they're gonna say how they care about their players and try to make everything fair and just. Im not even gonna go into the problems with feeders and inters who abuse the system because they know they wont get banned.

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