Help needed: How to disable "Ability is not ready yet" sound effect. It's driving me crazy.

Title should be self explaining. I'm playing lots of Udyr, my second pick is Evelynn. Both champs have spamming of abilities in their playstyle. You gotta hit those stances as soon as they come on cooldown. Basically I have two options (Muting all SFX is not an option, the game sounds really weird). Either mute entire League and listen to music or get a headache. Is there any option, any mod or anything that I can do to fix this? I tried to contact support, but they told me to mute SFX. ... And I'm afraid to download mods, because I don't want to end up permabanned for 3rd party program just because some annoying sound gave me headache. In all honesty, who the hell was {{champion:36}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:432}} enough to put repeating high pitched noise without a mute option into the game? It really drives one crazy once you start noticing it when playing champs such as Zac, Evelynn, Udyr and so on. Thanks in advance for any help.
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