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Hello league of legends support ! Im from tunisia ( North african country ) , best ping/ms i can get in EUW is 70 I tried other servers like RU server ( i have a gold 5 account there ) , Best Ping i can get in RU server is 62 and same On EUNE server i Get 62 ping same as RU sv But EUW server is the Closest server to tunisia ( north african country ) Why i get higher ping than EUNE and RU ? So i opened google and made a search about EUW and EUNE and RU server locations . So i found that : RU server location is : Munchen,Germany. (62 ping) EUNE server location is :Frankfurt, Germany. (62 ping) EUW server location is : Amsterdam, Netherlands. (70 ping) ( got these location informations from that link : http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Servers ) . So, as a conclusion im getting a better ping on ( EUNE) and (Ru) because of (Germany). Then, could you make (Germany) on (EUW) server pls ^^ ? its really hard to play on other servers that i don't master their language :/ . Hope you are understanding me :)
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