Yesterday evening I was Diamond V before the changes brought to the ranked system and obviously I got "promoted" to Diamond IV a few hours later. I was excited to climb the ladder thanks to the free promotion, and decided to go in ranked with ATN Summit. We were winning both around 25lp+- and losing 12+- which led to both of us getting in promotion for Diamond 3, my teammate skipped the D3 and got straight to D2 while I didn't skip Diamond 3. That's not the problem here. What bugs us is that not even 24 hours after that win streak (9w-1l yesterday) we decided to try and get higher, today we did (3w-2l) but the problem here is that we didn't get +25 and -12 but +13 -22 which is absurd, this could be something that can happen if you were in a lose streak and your mmr got hit pretty hard, for example if you're Diamond and get to a point where you win 13 and lose 22 your mmr is clearly around plat II or plat III and that would be a normal thing. The problem here is that we win only 13 and lose 22 while our mmr clearly isn't that low ( says it's around d2 for both of us). For the sake of our lp we started to ask around in games we played today, all the diamond players we faced or had in the same game have the same problem. Winning only 13-15 and loosing 20-22. Does anyone have a concrete theory or idea what is going on? Thanks for reading, I wish you good luck on the Summoner's Rift
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