Lost connection, now unable to reconnect.

In the middle of a game, the game froze because it appeared to have lost connection and everyone just stood still. I waited for a few minutes, but it was unable to reconnect. So I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete out of it. I've now spent the last 10 minutes trying to reconnect to the game but it keeps telling me it's "Failed to Connect: Unable to connect to server" and suggesting I'm behind a firewall. I'm not. I didn't lose internet connection, everything else worked and my router never stopped working. I'd hade to be punished for the game being unable to reconnect to a game. But if I close down LoL now, I'm threatened with a time penalty for something that isn't my fault. I don't quit, I don't leave, but when the game doesn't let me play it becomes quite impossible to keep playing and it's pretty damned frustrating that I should be punished for it. I'll just hope it's only a short period I have to wait and not accumulative if this happens again...
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