Lost LP because my internet crashed for 3-4 minutes?

Hey, so 15-20 minutes ago i won a game where i disconnected for 3-4 minutes yet lost LP at the end of the game. I was playing normally as Udyr jungle, went for a gank, assisted Jax and just as i was about to help him kill tryndamere my internet crashed, didn’t lag or anything, just crash. It lasted 3-4 minutes, btw we were winning, we had a fed lucian and a strong lux. As i got back, none of my teammates flamed or had a negative attitude because of that, so they understood it was a DC that wasn’t my fault. As i got back in the game i helped my team get kills, assists, baron, drakes, turrets, inhibs and we won the game. In the Stats screen it said i won yet lost LP. I undertand LP loss if i never reconnected or was disconnected enough to impact the game, yet I didn’t and it wasnt intentional. Thanks
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