I need advice about a professional about pc/laptops

I recently switched laptops from a lenovo to a toshiba because my lenovo broke... My lenovo would usually achieve around 70-90 without vsync on medium high and around 120 on very low also without vsync. With vysnc it will decrease the fps by quite a bit so i dont turn it on. My toshiba achieves 60-90 fps in the very early game and drops to 20-40 on late game because of teamfights on very low settings. Now my question is why would my toshiba have such bad fps compared to my lenovo even though it has the exact same grpahics card, ram, and cpu. I also dont get why turning on or off vsync on my toshiba doesnt seem to make a difference and it will have the same fps with or without it. I also cant play the game on medium high or even medium low because it will become very laggy. I dont know what happened and i think it could be something that is connected with the vysnc thing. Pls help. The cpu is intel pentium n3540 2.16 on both, my gpu is intel hd graphics on both and both have 4 gb of ram. I recently bought this toshiba so it isnt because the laptop is old.

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